Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the Year of the Dragon

Two Sundays ago I was getting ready to get out and take a few pictures of Atlanta for our website,  I was sitting in the living room of our home planning my route when a tiny little sound and a shadow dashed across the window facing the front yard. I looked up. A little green lizard was pinned to the window, ogling inside. Quietly, I reached for the camera, snapped a photo and then waited.

The lizard darted diagonally.

I snapped another one and waited; it shot back.

We played back and forth—the lizard moving across the window, straining to see what’s inside, me tiptoeing around it with the camera vying to capture what’s outside. The two of us looking through the window.
The idea to start a blog: Atlanta: Looking Through the Window was born a few days later. In the Year of The Dragon, every lizard counts. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
I hope you enjoy it and participate in it.

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